Friday, April 26, 2013

Everyone needs a theme song..

... or at least background music to enhance their everyday activities. (**and drown out those negative voices**) 
For this place and time, I have adopted "Leaving Song" performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter.  It is so mellow, sad yet hopeful. 
I took the liberty of using it as background to a series of photos from my collection.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tag you're it worked !!!

Even before signing the reference letter.  Yesterday was a case of bad news [too wet for crew to work on any of our customer's property] and good news [they were "volunteered" to do what I physically could not do].  That is take down the palmetto forest.  And they did !! With chainsaws...  
Now that made me feel less like a old lady weakling.  
Especially when I saw the size of the stalks/trunks !  Should have put a ruler beside stalk in the photo for dramatic effect.

Now back to planning and scheming my escape.  Will be visiting Tyler, Texas the first of May.  It seems to meet my criteria with exception of drive time to visit favorite people.  Other area to be scoped out is North Carolina.  Flights have been booked for the end of May to see if that area has the potential of being my home.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Once again trying to do the right thing....

...but met my quota.  Not sure if you know what the palmetto plant is but you can get on line and see these beautiful glades filled with the growth.  And there are places to read about the wonderful medicinal value.

    Honey, don't believe everything you read on the internet.  

It is a vicious, mean, invasive plant that loves swampy, humid areas.  Now guess how you could easily describe my back yard - - ....yes, swampy and humid.  
And it is called "saw palmetto" for a very good reason.  Along both sides of the stalk are these horrid, extremely sharp "alligator tooth" shaped spines.  The plant has grown to a height in excess of 10' beside the dormant pool and large storage building.  I am taking a stand !!!...I am NOT going to remove any more.  I will just walk away and tell the property owner: Tag.  You're it.  [right after I get him to sign a letter of recommendation for future landlord...].

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You know spring has arrived in South Texas...

... when the Pecan Tree blooms !!! Despite the chilly evening yesterday {low 40's} and same predicted for this evening ~ long range forecasts show 80's as the norm for upcoming 10 days. 

I briefly alluded to major changes in last posting.  They are finally building steam and starting to take place.  I gave notice to my employer that I will be leaving at the end of August.  I emphasize here that it is not retirement - it is time off for good behavior.  I've done my 10 years, behaved as well as can be expected under the circumstances and now it is time to get ready to hand it off to the next brave soul.   And it is time for me to have the opportunity to awaken in the morning and plan things that I want to do, not things I have to do.  
  Checklist in preparation:

  • Living estate sale - DONE
  • Have my #1 Son claim what he wants - he whittled it down to JUST 14 boxes !!
  • Begin boxing things that I can't bring myself to let go of
  • Search for my new home
The last is my current challenge.  I have a listing of cities - one in Texas, a few in North Carolina, and one in Virginia.  Over the next two months they will each be visited with the thoughts of being a resident...That is an adventure I can't wait to begin...but work keeps getting in the way.

Any insight from my readers will be appreciated [my criteria includes reasonable cost of living, plenty of potential activities - hiking, fishing, zumba, art, photo opportunities].