Saturday, August 16, 2014

This is becoming a habit...

...posting photos that is.  Visited Charlotte yesterday for the first time.  WOW !!  Big city, lots of action / activity, amazingly clean ~ ~ but still so much in the shadows.  While visiting the cemetery, encountered the homes of the homeless.  Their blankets and items were stashed in the corners and ceilings of the mausoleums.   
 Did cover quite a bit of the town...but most definitely will require a return trip ~ ~ or two.

And now...drum roll Etsy shop has been revived.  Posted a few mixed media creations and altered book.  Just a small jumping off spot {side note - - the shows I expected to participate in are either 1. too expensive or 2. null & void}..
Link is:  Working on cards to add to the site once I get the proper shipping supplies for the cards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The promise of sunshine....

...was true.  Beautiful day - gentle breeze, warmed to low 80's.  Made a morning excursion to Bicentennial Park {have visited it for a festival...but this time nearly had it to myself}.

Returned home to "work" {ok, play} on various items on the assembly line.  Card ideas have been in the works and finally wrapped them up...few birthday and one that could be used as sympathy.

The inside of these cards reads:

....because it is !!
Happy Birthday 

 Inside of these cards:

Happy Birthday Your Highness

and last...inside reads:

The tide recedes but leaves
behind bright seashells on
 the sand.  The sun
goes down, but gentle
 warmth still 
lingers on the land.  
The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet
For every joy that passes, something
beautiful remains.

Next a "haunted shadowbox"...setting up an etsy account...and a few more thingys on assembly line.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rain has continued...

... with promise of touch of sunshine by later today.  Also, it has been so cool - high temps in low 70's.  Hint of fall without the winds.

Today's creation utilized "scrap" paper from my sister as background to a transfer created with omnigel.

The words are special for today for this day marks one year since I hit the road for my new home.  

It is all good.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Another day of creating...or playing...

...depending on your perspective.  Have a few things "on the assembly line" and not ready for show and tell....
But this was an experiment based on something I saw on pinterest.  The back of mirror is scraped off {should have been done in one direction} and a photo printed on vellum is put in the back.  It is still "a work in progress" and do plan on trying again perhaps on a framed mirror.

The second item is a combination of citra solv paper, packing tape transfer and then digitally altered to add the face.

Does appear to be that creations are a tad on the dark side today.  There are reasons ...but of no importance.

 I do think the face in the tree should be utilized for Halloween....