Thursday, November 17, 2016

It started as a....

... vintage beauty school practice mannequin.  Purchased at a garage sale from a retired beautician.  Lovely woman was taken aback when I ooohed & aahed over this acquisition.  My first thought was designing a phrenology head with just snarky sections of the head defined...
Then the work started.  Cut the hair, shaved the head and then resorted to sandpaper to get the stubble removed.  Next was makeup removal - nailpolish remover worked like a charm. The skin color was neutralized by using copper penny acrylic paint and then crackle medium.  Enhanced crackle with green and white paints.
It was then, when looking at the eyes, I knew it would be "the eyes may be glazed but the gears are still moving".  My feeling after the current election and the disappointing results.
The gears were tinted with alcohol ink and added to the head along with buttons, watch parts, and miscellaneous metal pieces.  It is on a stand made of two old wooden candle stands.  I think it is finished..but allowing it to rest & age. Perhaps will add more gears, but then again, it may be done.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Favorite pastimes...

original photo
glass filter with focal b/w
glass filter
... taking photos and then manipulating them.  Have been working with layers and various filters. This bloom taken when in Indianapolis.

And this is old photo taken in 2004 of beached shrimp boat.  Added cutout of man rowing to shore

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Working on alternative plan...

... for my artwork.  Seems Ohana Wellness Center ran out of excuses {paint, permit, a/c out, etc} as far as I am concerned.  My creations sat in the back room for two months.  Obviously, no sales which was the objective here - and with their commission plan, should have been their intent as well.

All art is available via this site as well as my FB page.

In the meanwhile, will be taking a few pieces to The Scrap Exchange in Durham - they are hosting an open-call art show celebration of the organization's 25th year in operation.   The show is open to all artists that incorporate reclaimed materials or found objects into their work.

And these are two new print creations.  Let me know if you would like a copy - digital transmit or printed.  All prices based on size.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November has begun...

... with un-fall like weather.  I've lived in N.C. for three years and I guess 3rd year is the charm.  Yes, today is cooler and misty but not the torrential, continuous rains of the last two years.  The weather guessers are stating things will warm up to mid-70's and be sunny through the weekend.
 Perfect for wandering the countryside.

But in the meanwhile, I've worked on digitally altering a few citra solv papers.  Only after finalizing above design did I notice the two figures in the lower right corner.
The one to the right is citra solv background with additional tree added to the front.