Sunday, November 30, 2014

A wonderful month is winding down....

...the weather this month has been a roller coaster - from low's in the 20's to beautiful day as this one has been with temps nearly 70.  Opened the doors and windows and let the fresh air in.
The photos show the change from Nov 12 to Nov 22.  From brilliant colors to bare branches.  It has the look of winter...but thankfully no snow....yet....
And now down to business.  Worked a arts and crafts show yesterday with the positive of numerous accolades on my art and photos.  But sadly, minimal sales.  Did share my business card with many folks and exchanged art ideas {ATC's and Citra Solv} some good may still come from it.
Did list a photo on etsy for sale and if you would like as a unframed print, send me an email. {it is photo of alarm on side of the old Glence Mill in Burlington}  Additional photos are framed and ready to go as well...just not on etsy.
The photo of dewdrops is printed on metal and rests in a floating glass frame.

Last to note here is a framed butterfly creation...this is
a tape transfer mounted on textured wallpaper...yes you read that correctly.  Old textured wallpaper can be highlighted and makes an ideal background for various creations.

Now on to December....HO HO HO.......


Sunday, November 16, 2014

The cold has arrived way tooooo early...

...but the upside is focusing on a few creations for upcoming art show.  A few bookmarks...

 and under the sea treasure boxes....  predictions are continued cold for next week BUT no snow.  This is good...plenty of time to wrap up a few more things.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Under the Sea so Deep...

Finished a creation that has been in the works for nearly five months...had to wait on the right materials ... the right words.  
This is a mdf board covered in Golden Crackle Paste that was then painted and sealed.  
The ship is citra solv applied to National Geographic...then copied on laser color printer.  Last step was to use matt decoupage material to the copy and finally remove the paper from the copy.  Now you might understand why it took some time...and had to wait for the parts to bring themselves together.  

Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest, which commingle their roots in the darkest underground.   -- William James 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Been this will tell and no tell.  Other than to say wandered quite a few beautiful places since last post.  There has been time at home - - creating & playing but nothing to show just yet.

AND speaking of shows, will be participating in the Art & Craft Show - Unity in Greensboro  November 29, 2014.  If you are in the area, stop by and see the multitude of artists that will be there ...

Play time with

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Been too long....

... but a lot of miles, adventures and completed projects.  Included was the trip via train  ~ ~ ~ a first since I was a teenager and oh the changes !!  It was a good, comfortable {although long} ride.  Lesson learned:  pack light !!! I was impressed with my little point & shoot digital - took some great photos while train in motion.
I've posted the time spent in my new home....AND a year has passed already !!  My intent was a photo a month of the gazebo located at the end of the pond ~ ~ but I was missing a few months while on the road.  So just chose my favorites for a collage.

I mentioned here is a little show without tell....

In closing for today....check out my etsy page - the Halloween Shadowbox is now available for sale.

Friday, September 5, 2014


...and just the right materials.  Acquired this wood shadow box shaped like a house last fall.  When looking for something else, it resurfaced or rather moved to the top of the stack.  Over time it drew in many found objects, materials, and seemed to assemble itself.  Went from the thought of a Halloween theme to becoming a haunted house.  Complete with skeleton in the attic {no closet available...although that was given some thought}.  

Some notes on the "ingredients" -  

The winged figure and the small castle are game pieces.  The heart is a small vial embellished with metallic cross stitch threads and charms.  The bottles are filled with colored glass and topped with crystals.  Behind the castle is a transfer from a tour book made using matte decoupage fluid.  I did attach the shingles and then heat emboss to add texture and color.  And, included in the a martini....

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun and Games and Etsy...

... oh my !!!  {ok, not the usual "lions and tigers and bears" but it will have to do}

August wrapped up with a trip to the Doodad Farm for the Whodat Festival.  I have used the phrase "what a hoot"...nothing justified it more than this occasion.  Grand people, wonderful music and unique photo opportunities.  

And... a gentle reminder to friends & potential customers.... My Etsy page is up and running.  If you need a charming or snarky or funny friendship or birthday card...then check out the listings.  There are also a few altered art creations along with mini canvas items.  Kindly take the time to visit, shop or just comment on the items - - constructive criticism is always welcome.   DejavuDesignsUSA Etsy Shop 

Morning shoot at Arboretum
Perfect Camouflage - can
see the bird ??
Just a bit creepy at Doodad Farm

To wrap up the month of wanderings, baseball game   [YEAH...Grasshoppers in playoffs !!], morning photo shoots, trip to Charlotte, art gallery, roller derby (yes I did...LOL) beach are a few photos as highlights: 

Gears at old grist mill

If there are any photos you have seen here that you would like a copy of...just send an email or comment and I will add to Etsy for you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This is becoming a habit...

...posting photos that is.  Visited Charlotte yesterday for the first time.  WOW !!  Big city, lots of action / activity, amazingly clean ~ ~ but still so much in the shadows.  While visiting the cemetery, encountered the homes of the homeless.  Their blankets and items were stashed in the corners and ceilings of the mausoleums.   
 Did cover quite a bit of the town...but most definitely will require a return trip ~ ~ or two.

And now...drum roll Etsy shop has been revived.  Posted a few mixed media creations and altered book.  Just a small jumping off spot {side note - - the shows I expected to participate in are either 1. too expensive or 2. null & void}..
Link is:  Working on cards to add to the site once I get the proper shipping supplies for the cards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The promise of sunshine....

...was true.  Beautiful day - gentle breeze, warmed to low 80's.  Made a morning excursion to Bicentennial Park {have visited it for a festival...but this time nearly had it to myself}.

Returned home to "work" {ok, play} on various items on the assembly line.  Card ideas have been in the works and finally wrapped them up...few birthday and one that could be used as sympathy.

The inside of these cards reads:

....because it is !!
Happy Birthday 

 Inside of these cards:

Happy Birthday Your Highness

and last...inside reads:

The tide recedes but leaves
behind bright seashells on
 the sand.  The sun
goes down, but gentle
 warmth still 
lingers on the land.  
The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet
For every joy that passes, something
beautiful remains.

Next a "haunted shadowbox"...setting up an etsy account...and a few more thingys on assembly line.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rain has continued...

... with promise of touch of sunshine by later today.  Also, it has been so cool - high temps in low 70's.  Hint of fall without the winds.

Today's creation utilized "scrap" paper from my sister as background to a transfer created with omnigel.

The words are special for today for this day marks one year since I hit the road for my new home.  

It is all good.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Another day of creating...or playing...

...depending on your perspective.  Have a few things "on the assembly line" and not ready for show and tell....
But this was an experiment based on something I saw on pinterest.  The back of mirror is scraped off {should have been done in one direction} and a photo printed on vellum is put in the back.  It is still "a work in progress" and do plan on trying again perhaps on a framed mirror.

The second item is a combination of citra solv paper, packing tape transfer and then digitally altered to add the face.

Does appear to be that creations are a tad on the dark side today.  There are reasons ...but of no importance.

 I do think the face in the tree should be utilized for Halloween....