Saturday, September 30, 2017

Boards again...and a little tiny round....  The box is just 3-1/2" tall when measure including the vintage drawer pull placed on the top amid paper flowers.
The saying on the
 back reads:  it's the little things that make life big.  This basic round wood container is painted with metallic acrylic paints and enhanced with alcohol inks, paper cut out leaves, metal gnome door and a small butterfly.  No room left for more...

The boards are 14" x 8" wide with knobs to hang your hat...your jewelry...or tote bags.  The one with the globe shown (from National Geographic map) has knobs with small map inside.

The Life is a series of a thousand miracles has the same flowers as

the little box attached behind the knobs.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

No new boards today...

... the glue is drying on two and still working on layout on another.  Then on to next projects.
But in the break 'tween boards, worked on a few promo signs to include in display.  Just need to trim them up and mount on boards for advertisement.
Did come upon a vintage metal portable file storage box - covered with the finished magnets to set up for show in November.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Very close to finished...

... another board that is.  This one evolved into a design that was not what I expected.  The map is from an old National Geographic magazine {burned edges to appear to age papers} with lettering using scrabble tiles.  The knobs are drawer pulls picked up along the way.  And that is where the "close to finished" comes in.  Need to chop off length of posts on the knobs.  Any volunteers ???
The stars are tin colored with alcohol ink.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Love you to the Moon...

... and back.  Finished another board using the collection of vintage buttons I've accumulated.  This project used quite a few, yet still more than enough to finish more.
Background is luminescent paint to give a touch of glitter / gold highlight.  Letters were cut using my cricut.  It will be part of my creations that will be available for sale at the Whimsical Women Show in November.

Friday, September 15, 2017

They are done...all 51 of them .....

.. magnets that is.  Used old slide frames and then whatever happened to be close at hand to create a collection of magnets for the show in November.  I do believe it is time to move on to other items that are accumulating on the work bench.
Oh...and if you see a magnet (or two or three) that you would like to purchase, they are $5 each, 3/$12 plus shipping.  The green winged gnome has sold.