Artist Statement

As an artist, I want to share that one moment of beauty that either calmed me or made me smile.  I feel compelled to take that transitory thought or image into reality.
              Or at least my version of reality.

It has always taken many photos of a single image to reach that result.  I have seen the image and knew I had to keep it but it takes multiple viewings to know that true one.  After time passes I view the image again and might feel more emotions - yearning, serene, contentment, satisfaction - - And I have the desire to share it in hopes that  it will feed the same emotional connection in others.

For my creations, I collect objects knowing they have an alternate use.  That amazing tree stump could be a backdrop to a mini garden.  That driftwood certainly has the shape of a sign.   The background paper created with citra solv is perfect for a quote or saying saved from long ago.

I continue to experiment with new processes in assembly - be it digital manipulation of photos and background papers or assemblages of found objects.  I want to take that conceptual image of what can the materials  become  and allow them to be that creation.

All photos and text on Déjà vu Designs USA are registered.  All rights reserved and are for web browser viewing only.  They may not be used for any other reason without express written permission.  For information about using for other purposes including advertising, collage or other use, please contact me to avoid copyright and intellectual property law violations.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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