Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Few days of creating...

...from found objects, scraps, card stock...  Just have not "settled" yet.  Created a few cards but haven't hit the rhythm of being productive.  
Which explains the bliss thing and the inconsistency of cards.

 So this has turned into a "show and no tell"....time to go clean up the work area.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A few {?} more miles and 31 days…

Added 2,793 miles – to be exact – and 31 days have passed.  Traveled to Indianapolis and then on to Connecticut.  Really enjoyed the opportunity to discover the person that is my grandson, Oliver.  It is so fascinating to both interact with him as well as  sit back and watch him create his imaginary world.  From turning an inflatable mattress into a boat and fighting off sharks to dressing in superhero firefighter costumes so he can inspect the hydrants in the neighborhood.   And, as always, appreciate the time with my son.

And then to have another wonderful week with my sister… playing tourist in Connecticut, visiting other sisters, fine dining {with one major fail}.  Miss the companionship of my best friend who happens to be my sister, but …. have to return to home.

Getting things in order…rearrange work area, clean {ok, just removing top layer of dust}, salvage a few plants on the patio and redo a few plants {thank you Ann & Joan for inspiration} working on calendar of music and yoga, reclaiming my home.

More to follow….eventually…