Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've been working with Serif Craft Artist [thanks to my sister !!] and citra solv altered National Geographic papers.  Citra Solv has a contest with the theme "Shades of Summer".  Had such fun creating..found it necessary to quit, submit and move on to other projects that are calling for my attention.  This is one of the entries:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've been working on various transfer mediums.  Today I finished  transfer of a photo I took of shells washed up on the Connecticut shore.  Used Mod podge to transfer image, removed all backing paper, and finished with clear mod podge that I textured to appear to be water.  The tray is mother of pearl shell that has a gold tint that shines through the transfer.  Photo was difficult to capture due to glare of light off the shells.

This is followup to transfer I finished last week.  Again using mod podge as the medium and another photo I took of the reflection of a sunset in the neighbor's pond.  It was put on  these very large (31" across on the base by 15" tall) semi-circle copper finished pieces that I acquired via craig's list.  It was quite an education on transfer and finishing.  Currently finished piece is on a small side table.  Again, another item that was difficult to photo.  The transfer is on the back upright piece and it is reflected in the bottom flat surface.  Hoping to get some of the copper pieces sliced into smaller items to work with.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Took a while....few years going by the post dates...but I'm back.  Attempted creating a website but found it is one challenge I do not want to invest my time.  My time has been spent on creations using citra solv, various altered books, travel, and "padding" my cell.  
I have accumulated enough items to seriously consider selling a few.  Just need to find the right outlet.  I enjoy where I live but retail / art outlets are nil.
I will pursue ways to connect photos I've uploaded to Picasa / Google ...