Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What have I been doing you ask....

... creating ATC's, wandering, attending festivals, working on citra solv class plan.  I am so thankful to a dear friend that was my "test subject".  I believe I learned more than she did !!  For example, do not use just any plastic container to hold the citra solv - - it melted a few cups I recycled from apple sauce & ice cream treats. Will stick with small glass bowls.
And also, some pages of the National Geographic that we used absolutely refused to melt.  I had seen where other artists specified particular date ranges of the magazines stating that after 2000 the pages were clay coated.  My extensive collection of magazines date from 1968.  So today I set up a test and this is the result:

  • 1972 - 10 minutes =  black started to blend, color minimal, added more citra solv & rolled           20 minutes = black melting, color not, rolled and flipped stack    30 minutes = 1 out of 10 sheet resulted in a page I would consider keeping
  • 1987 - 5 minutes black starting to melt        10 minutes = re-rolled and added the weight of 10 magazines     15 minutes = success but not dynamic
  • 1994 - 5 minutes melting going well, rolled and added weight                     10 minutes = 14 out of 15 were perfect 
Conclusion: use 1990's forward and save older issues for ads, tape transfers or perhaps face to face with 1990's pages.