Sunday, June 16, 2013

45 and 57....

Today's numbers are 45 [days left until unemployed ~ by choice I might add] and 57 [days left until I am homeless ~ again by choice].  Both impending events do cause occasional bouts of anxiety and of course the roller-coaster emotional ride.  Commitments have been made, ready for change {on most days} now to show some faith in the universe and myself.

Making time to visit places and enjoy unique adventures.  Yesterday went to Houston Arboretum for the Hawk Hike.  I did not read the "fine print" and thought it was viewing birds in the wild.  Rather it was a person that holds license to own wild birds.  It was quite informative, enjoyable [despite the 95 degree weather]...and they serve wine !!  As much as I would have enjoyed the latter, I did stay with cold water.  I did not want to tempt fate knowing there was an hour drive home and the troopers are out there earning their keep.

Of course, I took a "few" photos - click on text for link:  This is a sampling of photos from the adventure

Still working on the "good bye tour" which includes a few events marked "I better see it now or I never will"...postings and photos will follow of course.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

And then there is Greensboro...

I did my research and selected the locations that I felt would be "right", or at least close to right, for me.  Thanks to the wonderful folks I met via Unity in Greensboro and my generous sister that gave me a gps, the trip to Greensboro NC  went better than expected.  Beautiful location, plenty to offer and, of equal importance, affordable.  During visit did pay a "stupid tax" - had reserved a room at a hotel that had acceptable reviews and photos appeared to be ok along with good location....But I did not have a pimp or drug dealer, so chose to pay for one night per their cancellation policy and then wandered off to another hotel.  
The trip included checking out various apartment complexes - various as in 11 visited on Friday and Saturday. I know my preferences, it will just be a matter of what vacancies available when I choose the move date.

 And this is sampling of photo from Greensboro area

Now begins the wind-down of time in this area.  Mixed feelings of leaving ~ been with employer for 10 years  and it is going to be good for me to leave and for the company to have a person with a new perspective.  

It is all good.....