Monday, July 29, 2013


The countdown is in the single digits.  Management of transition in the office is going well.  Still twinges of reluctance to let go...but, as my mantra for last year has been "It is not my company".  I do believe the correct person was employed and the safety nets will hold under extreme stress.  It is all good..

Creepy Monkee
As part of the Good Bye Tour, visited the Mosquito Festival this past weekend.  It has been at least 14 years since I last attended.  The quirkiness of the event made it as must see that first time.  It was an event that suited the time and town.  I really thought with as many years that had passed, and change of location within the town, great strides would have been made to make the event more appealing.  I am here to report that time was not their friend.  It is still a festival that can go on the "should see at least once" list.    
Creepy monkey was on front of the children's zoo train ride.  

OH but must mention Wild Bill's Soda ~ they had a booth set up promoting fantastic soda.  I try to avoid drinking soft drinks, but their sales approach is such fun.  You purchase a metal mug [either $8 or $15] and refill as often as you wish.  The mug is dated so it can be used at other festivals that they might attend.  And the root beer is amazing !!

Back to the Good Bye Tour ~ next week is the Art Car Museum and a boat tour at the Port of Houston.

Two weeks from this time - - give or take a few hours - - I will be on the road.  The route outlined is most assuredly not a straight road from here to there.  Once I started playing with the thought of travel, the development of a most interesting trip evolved.  And the beauty of the plan is that I am free to change it at any time.  The minimal restraints are to be in one spot at the end of August and another in mid September.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I have turned procrastination into an art form....

There is still quite a bit to resolve before beginning the road trip ~ some items cannot be addressed until I am officially unemployed, others I should be researching and finalizing NOW....but...obviously not just yet.  

Though it took longer than anticipated, a person was hired to take on the challenge of my current position as office manager.  When being brutally honest, my leaving this company is as much good for them as for me.  It is time for someone else with new perspectives to manage the office.  The woman hired is amazing !!!  Young, intelligent, well educated and up to the challenge.  I strongly believe she will make a favorable contribution to the growth of the company and it will also be beneficial for her.

One item I have begun to plan [thanks to prompting from my son - he asked when I would arrive at his home.  He asked that of a person that can turn a five hour trip into nine hours...] is the route to be taken.  Originally planned to wander up to Dallas, then head northeast.  As previously mentioned, a friend suggested a few towns that would be of interest...which led to checking out "ghost towns" in Texas.  This changed the route.  Now will be go northwest 'ish....Waco, then Mineral Wells, Dallas.  North from there to Turner Falls.  Of course I just had to check out ghost towns in Oklahoma ~ I might not make it out of that state any time soon.....So it will be a work in progress.  Again, always grateful to my sister that gave me a gps - she said I could wander but did not have to be totally lost.

Still working on the "goodbye tour".  Visiting places that I always meant to see before distance makes it impossible.  Included in the list was the Luling Watermelon Thump Festival.  Of course, back roads as much as possible.  A selection from the 300 photos taken over nearly 500 miles in one weekend are posted here Luling adventure.    

Locally, I participated in the Haak Winery harvest.  The owners are wonderful promoters - they put out the word that volunteers can help with the harvest [free labor !!].  They supplied juice and muffins prior to the event along with plenty of water {it was hot...} and tools.  Prior to beginning the harvest, the owner stated it should not take over three hours.  1-1/2 hours later it was completed.  There was an amazing number of people that attended ~ individuals, families, couples....all ages.  After the harvest was completed, there was an opportunity for wine tasting and music...   Did take a few photos [of course] and included in latest photo album  July 2013 here and there.

and now...back to list of things to do....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What ??? only three weeks to go....

...YES !! Actually, three weeks from today will be the final day of employment.  I do believe being a tad over the top in trying to be in control may have paid off this time.  Plans are being finalized for the trip - Running the roads for a few months while possessions reside in storage.  Thanks to dear friends' input, have added a few stops to the route.  I've been assured they will be great photo opportunities.  A tad unnerving, if  I allow myself to dwell on it for long, that I will be unemployed...and, technically, homeless.  In the past [ok, it is more my normal approach] I don't necessarily think things all the way through...

"God watches out for little children, fools, drunks and 
the United States of America.".  

I will just trust in the universe and travel on [with wasp & pepper spray, just in case].
Now on to the office...