Friday, February 27, 2009

A purple shoelace day

My dance card is filling with have-tos, obligations, commitments, look forward to events. All are good things, none are dreaded….but. I knew it would become a purple shoelace day. A day to put on the worn out tennis shoes that are pale forest green and have shoelaces that don’t match anything other than the day. It is a day that wanderlust may take over with the only constraint being within a 75 mile radius. I want to have a play day, but office requirements are going to change it to a play afternoon.
Only after I traveled the mental path of least resistance, I realized a contributing factor to this is David’s and my wedding anniversary. Twenty nine years ago, when I was 29 and David was 42, we exchanged our vows before family and friends. What a wonderful and unique 21 year adventure started that evening.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good morning...

The cold snap has passed for the time being. Overnight lows in 40’s. Definite improvement. And this morning noticed a robin in the front yard and very small pears in the top of the tree that bloomed after hurricane Ike. Bird food in the making.
I had thought of getting a tattoo at various times in my life. Yes, one of those discretely placed just so cutesy butterflies. The fact that always brought that thought to a screeching halt was wrinkles and sagging. I just couldn’t face (depending on which discrete place it was located) a droopy butterfly. I knew that when I reached the antiquated 58 or 59, it would not be a pretty sight. Now where this is going…while looking at my aged right hand, I noticed an odd arrangement of age spots. I’m sure you have done it…connect the dots (and if you haven’t I don’t need to be reminded that I am one bubble off level). ~ yes, there is a butterfly on my right hand at the base of the thumb. And as more cracks and crevices {fondly referred to as wrinkles} appear, all I have to do is wash the age-spot-tattoo off. Life is oh so good in the quirkiest ways.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

and one more thing....

I have a strong belief that all people are connected ~ their very being impacts others in ways that are never seen. I don't think I'm alone in this thought. Read the book "The five people you meet in heaven" or think about the universal "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" {what you do comes back to you three-fold}. Articulating this belief has been difficult for me. I know I don't have to prove to anyone or necessarily show anyone, but I did want to share it. Today, I worked on a conglomeration of photos of spider webs and once assembled, I realized that displays what I am unable to say. Some lines within the web are directly connected. Some just a mess. Yet even in the jumble, there is a connection. Please enjoy, smile, understand.

seems I cannot upload video directly to blog, so took alternate route and it is listed in google videos :

Happy New Year !! 2009

For numerous reasons {some good, some just strange} I have looked at myself and seen others. Or others impact on me. I will soon be 59, the age my mother was when she died. I see the widow’s peak like my father. And the bulb at the end of my nose that is so Duffy. There are the camouflage eyes ~ no longer refer to them as hazel. Partly because of the odd southern twist on it but mainly due to the way they change and reflect the colors I wear. For the longest I would not wear yellow clothes because my eyes looked spooky and I was concerned what others thought. Now I enjoy the skewed coloring. I do wonder if they will change to brown as my father’s did.
I have developed the overhanging eyelids like my mother but this is a combination of heredity and circumstances. And the wrinkles !! although I prefer to think of them as the rings in a tree. Count them, divide by 76, and you have my age. The divide by number will increase in time. It is factored like the calculation of a dog’s age.
There are a few scars thanks to my #1 son and the year we couldn’t explode a toilet so settled for a television. Isn’t it amazing what you do for the love of your kids. There was an exploding commode at a different time. Not quite intentional. Started a fire in the bowl then foolishly put it out with water. Yep, exploded commode. Location backyard. Cleanup mandatory.
And my friend’s influence in what I wear. It is ok to be exotic even if you are the only one to enjoy it.

When I faced 50, I had the Glamor Shots experience. Even then I was shocked at how I resembled my mother. One photo has me decked out in a leather jacket ~ that photo caused them all to go into permanent storage. I saw my mother in a leather jacket and my mind just spun out of control.