Saturday, December 20, 2008

What ? December...

Somehow November was missed. Or just a blur. I did manage to work on my things to do list:

1. Visit Chris - what an adventure ! Arrived Friday. Their apartment is so oddly great. Quite appropriate for them and that is said in a good way. We attended a neighborhood Halloween festival on Saturday. It was like stepping back in time. Saturday evening attended Murder Mystery presentation at the Benjamin Harrison House. Sunday drove to French Lick and spent the evening at a resort built in 1900. Totally restored and amazing.
3. George Brown Convention Center for Thanksgiving. Encouraging to see so many volunteers.
4. Worked on card designs. There will be a book/craft sale at Unity Church in March and I plan on testing the market.
5. Got a cool long sleeve shirt ~ only cost a pint of blood
Still on the list:
Theatre Seating. Thanks to freecycle, picked up a line of 5 wooden theater seats from the old Freeport High School Auditorium. They date from they 1950's and do show wear. The laminate wood needs to be reglued and the metal cleaned. A coworker has system to sandblast so I'm going to give it a try. Objective on the wood is to maintain as much of the carvings from the students as possible.
There are more projects such as cleaning the black lagoon {pool pump off since the hurricane} and finish backyard - but those are for the spring.
And now on to work !!