Saturday, August 2, 2008

It has been a while...

You have to acknowledge that you have a skewed priority list when you get approval from the property owner to begin to move items to new residence and those items are plants and yard art. I chose today to begin moving those items ~ decided to start this chore when the temps are hitting 100. Never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the box. I manage three loads in my car. Laughed at myself when I started loading rocks, slate and bricks. Can’t say I’m one brick shy of a load {actually, you can say a lot of bricks shy. The rest will be moved next weekend.}. I’m going to “hire” one of my coworkers [who happens to own a truck] to help move items, till the dirt and layout my new brick and concrete block patio. I would like to duplicate the current layout. It was a comfortable size the difference will be there are trees available for shade.

Until today, with exceptions of minor bursts of zeal, I have avoided the move. Yes, some things are packed but it has taken a lot to accept the move. Mind keeps gyrating around the thought “three in, one out”. There were three of us for the move in July 2001. There will be one for the move in August 2008. Granted I’ve been on my own for six years and Chris has been away for four [college and move to D.C.] but this move is the clincher. Deep breath……..
As I prepare stuff to be moved, found another diversion. More items that I had mislaid and they scream to be used on cards. This will link to latest creations using these items.
Person that owns company I work for also is a farmer - has 300 acres planted in corn and is assisting in harvesting Milo as well. I visited the farm the day for initial harvest. This is the video created from the photos.