Saturday, February 27, 2016

Thumbs Up !!! It is a good day to have a good day - -

Finished this altered board that measures 14" tall x 8" {including metal attachment on top} Has the saying: It is a good day to have a good day along with thumbs up door pulls for scarves, hats or jewelry to be hung from. Thumbs approx 2-1/2" extended. Note - the posts had to be cut off & a bit rough on the backside. Board painted and heat embossed with fern stamp. The metal piece on top was colored with alcohol inks. Lettering is combination of plastic, wood, metal, and sticker stock.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The joys of apartment living....

... occasional inspections.  Glad they warned me so I could "hide the evidence" {projects, workbench, chemicals, spray paint...}  Took a bit of time to find the places to stash the stash.  But it is clean and presentable for a little while at least.  That doesn't mean no playing & creating though.  Always have ideas / sayings to apply to vintage photo collection.

Now back to chores & errands.  Do have a few "works in progress" that hope to finish and post by this weekend.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

When it is not warm enough to play in the dirt outside....

... then it is the perfect time to create mini gardens.  Purchased these mini terra cotta planters and have enhanced with embellishments, paint and letters.   On the red one, I used crackle paint for texture and then included little findings.  Only planter that would fit was a Pringles can - so cut it off, painted and sealed.  Small plant and plant stake added.  Done.
Have two more small (they measure 4" tall) and two large to play with but have to wait until weather clears a little so I can seal them before working on them. Not an indoor task.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Takes time for the pieces to fall in place...

... first found a board at a resale shop that had some cutesy art painted on it.  Good friend with a sander removed that {thank you very much} and then it sat for a while.  Debated the phrase to use.  And then, after speaking with my Grandson - - used our phrase "Love you to the moon and back"....
But then needed a moon.  I knew I could not paint it and thought maybe some texture ...buttons.  Yes, buttons. I used my collection of vintage buttons {after sketching basic shape on board} to form a crescent moon.  Kept adding until it looked like the rough surface of the moon....Then added metal stars, heat embossed stars, and knobs that had been colored with alcohol inks.  The board measures 13" across the bottom and the height in the center is approximately 11-1/2".  I listed it for sale $30 on the FB page for local crafters / artists.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Staying busy....

... making clipboards.  Purchased these Formica samples at Scrap Exchange in Durham.  The small stack was on the side of my work space for a week - - and then when I was clearing the area, realized they would be perfect for clipboards.  Was able to get 10 clips at a reasonable price and went to work assembling them.  They measure 5 x 7 - metal appearance, but not metal.  Quite unique and varied in available finish.  Listed them today on the local FB page for artists and the coffee one has already sold !!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Appears to be...

... that I have been on a roll lately.  Yes, weather outside quite decent but resisted wanderlust because the pull to finish a few assemblages has been stronger.

The first is an altered piece of art I picked up some time ago....It was waiting for me to find the perfect quote.  And this is A.A. Milner, Winnie the Pooh.
Rivers know this:  there is no hurry    we will get there some day.
Had a loose bag of letters along with punched citra solv papers to finish the frame.  The double frame is plastic with the outside measuring 12"x12".  It will be listed on FB page The Original Made by Hands in the Triad for $18 or, if you are interested, contact me via email.

Also finished up assemblage using a beautiful piece of driftwood enhanced to be a sign directing you to the beach.  The wood has been cleaned, baked and sealed.  Enhancements include heat emboss gold and green, shells, and gold flecked imitation rocks..  The chain used to hang is seated with eye screws.  This has NOT been sealed for outdoor display.  It measures 22" x 7" approximately.  It is currently listed on same FB page for $25.00

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Assemblage of captured fairy....

... yes, I've done one before {and it sold recently} but this one is a tad different - - aren't they all !!!
Found the cage in a craft store after Halloween.  It was black and intended for a candle.  That wouldn't work for me of course.....
Now it is red, has a green winged person trying to determine how to rescue the fairy encased in the glass dome hanging from the center of the cage.  There is a "Do Not Enter" sign {former cupcake pick} on the front of the fence. There is dried moss and glass buttons in the glass dish glued to the center base.  I did not glue the winged man in place so that the future owner can position him where they want.  The cage is approximately 12" tall and the winged artist mannequin is 9" tall.  The cage can be lifted off should you choose to add to the assemblage.
It is listed for sale on The Original Made by Hands in the Triad Facebook page for $25.00.