Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still adjusting to East Coast Time Zone

~ ~  but one advantage is awaking early and listening to an owl duet.  Enjoying the clear crisp clean air of the morning.  It bears the aroma of my past – I recognize the smell of fall.  It reminds me of riding my bike as a child and driving the VW camper in Dallas. There is a scent of October – not the packaged pumpkin fragrance. It is the smell that feels clean.   I knew there is pollution in the Houston area.  It became an accepted oppressive feeling without realization of what was missed.

Things / stuff are in place.  It is not home…yet…but the cell is well padded and becoming comfortable.  Work space created for when the urge to create strikes ~ and feeling it calling but still the inclination to ramble.  Dependent on the GPS for wanderings.  Have the feeling I am in a maze and will receive a treat when I reach my destination.  Did pick up a map so I can put everything in perspective.  Found that I could not locate myself on a digital screen.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I’m beginning to think I landed in the wrong town...

Isn’t it Seattle that has the reputation for extreme amounts of rain ?  Two months and 5,328 miles later I arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina where the weather has been overcast, wet and chilly for the last eight of twelve days.  There should be some profound statement summarizing the expedition  other than commenting on the weather … but it is not there yet.  Or I am not there yet.  After a year of preparation for this major change I discovered there were quite a few fine points that were thought of only in passing that should have rated a greater consideration.  There are also quite a number of things that were not given thought to other than it will work out just fine. 

A journal was altered with the intent of recording notes and observations along the way.  That worked for a while….until Paducah, Kentucky.

August 11, 2013 Angleton
I keep looking at this move as a new chapter.  Truly it may be a new book.  There will certainly be a change of characters and I have a feeling the lead one will be changing as well.  (92,256 miles)
August 13, 2013  Glen Rose
Having that thought of wanting to tell people do not drift.  Let me be the bad example – look around and appreciate all parts of the day.  When David died, I looked at couples and wanted to say “that fine print – till death do you part – is real.  It does happen.  Appreciate your best friend while you can”.  Which leads to thoughts of this trip.  Everything will go on - it always does.  But this is the last time I will have a memory of it.  That is why I love taking photos.  The split second of capture that only God and I see.
August 20, 2013  in Missouri
Change of route along with time – two days in Eureka Springs.  Awesome !  Do not like the overuse of that word but it certainly sums it up.  The beauty and feel of the place could be a perfect home.  BUT I know I would become a hermit in the winter.  The roads are challenging enough in ideal conditions.  Now I have two favorites – Key West and Eureka Springs.  Did travel along Route 66 – will reconstruct stops based on photos.

……..and then just one liners.
August 28 thru September 11, 2013  Indianapolis
Oliver time, Columbus Indiana, and Matamora Indiana [where I picked out the future homestead - where else could a person purchase TWO log cabins for a mere $150,000.] .  Suffering mini-panics when it truly sunk in of being homeless and unemployed.    Plotted next portion of the adventure to include Historic National Road / Highway 40.  Had preconceived notion that it would be similar to traveling along Route 66 and sadly it was not.
September 15 – October 6, 2013  Salem, Connecticut
Three weeks of time with a wonderful friend that happens to be my sister.  It was a challenge to make myself stick with “the plan”. 
October 9, 2013  Greensboro, North Carolina
The apartment I had intended to occupy was being “prepared” therefore the management would not allow me to view it until Thursday which just happens to have been the scheduled date for the storage unit to be delivered.  I allowed my indignation to override my common sense and told them …. I’ll get back with you.  Four hours later, arranged for another location.  A bit smaller, a tad more expensive but it will have to work for at least one year
October 16, 2013
Awoke to the realization I questioned the date yesterday during the news broadcast.  Then recognized that it is going to be quite easy to lose days – what was done, what needs to be done.
What was accomplished Monday was the oil change that “Silver Streak” so deserved after covering over 5,000 miles.  My hoopy [as Charlsy taught me to call cars] has held up well.  More than well.  Again, I did not question transportation.  I just knew she would hold up and do as I expected.  Part of the chore of taking care of my vehicle was the benefit of meeting a charming young man [yes, I’m using that phrase] at the Firestone dealership.  He was friendly, informative and so easy to speak with.  He spoke of his accomplishment of a securing a degree in sociology / criminal justice yet unable to obtain employment.  Mentioned what is because so obvious – the job market in Greensboro is horrible.  He is moving forward and returning to school to pursue further education in law.  

.....and that is it.  Two months in a few paragraphs.  But there was so much more..........