Sunday, August 26, 2012

When you lose, don't lose the lesson...

I made my first EVER entry in a juried art show.  Jury or not, first entry in a show.  First disappointment only one of three items entered was accepted.  Not that I did not expect the "rejection" but I certainly did not expect the judge to damage one item.  The show was one that allowed all forms of art - so I entered an altered wooden cigar box.  It is covered entirely in papers and other materials.  When it was delivered, I acknowledged the instructions they had that stated a identifying tag had to be attached to the back of all entries.  I pointed out this was not possible, therefore I created a hang style tag.  The person accepting items understood....Obviously that understanding was limited.  When I reclaimed the box, there were two items attached to the back with standard adhesive / scotch tape.  Yes, you can see where this is going.  Any attempts to remove the items tore the papers on the back.  I handled it reasonably well.  Wrote an email to the gallery director [which has yet to be acknowledged] ... then simmered...and put the box on the shelf at home.  It will be repaired, but now is not the time.
But the rest of the lesson is one item was accepted.  No, it did not place, win or even receive honorable mention.  The lesson is I make "stuff", items, creations, collage, altered art for me.  If someone out in the real world enjoys it...this is good, but not the real reason the materials and ideas gather into my creations.  It is fun.  It makes me smile.  One friend told me, and keep in mind it is a friend that believes in black and white rather than muted eclectic, that at least I'm postponing the inevitable final home of this "stuff" - the landfill.  He is right, but I'm having fun in the meanwhile.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back of book
Book Spine

While organizing the office/craft room, re-discovered an unfinished wood box that is designed to resemble a book.  The interior slides out from the spine area, therefore the title became "Private Thoughts".  I did have a plan...but as materials and techniques were gathered, the plan fell by the wayside.  Will consider finding a similar box to transform into what I think it should look like...but in the meanwhile...This is the box - utilizing acrylic paint skins, citra solv altered papers, altered  slide holders, heat emboss, and a stamped steel figure.