Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy and Good Friday

I live in a home that was built in 1936. Bungalow style. Entry is direct into the living room leading to a short hallway with the door to the bathroom and bedroom on that hallway. Slight turn to the left the entry to second bedroom. Hall leads to the back door with entry on left to the kitchen. Pass thru the swinging door in the kitchen to the dining room, left thru the French doors and you are back in the living room. Doors are all decorated with the original glass knobs. {side note: be sure you understand the mechanics of these knobs before disassembly. There is a slight risk of locking yourself in your room with no logical means of escape – let your mind wander on that thought.}. All of the windows are on the rope and pulley system.. The ropes are long gone and the windows have been either nailed or painted shut. With one lone exception. One window in my bedroom can be opened and propped to stay open. With that window open along with the entry doors opened to the screen fresh air flows through this little house.
What this is all leading to is the second day of Spring.
I left for work at 6:30 this morning bundled in jeans, light sweater, boots. Now 10 hours later, shorts, t-shirt and bare feet. I cleaned the patio off and just enjoyed the spring breeze, 75 degree temperature, and breathed in the aroma of mowed grass and cut wild onions. To add musical accompaniment, the ice cream truck passed by playing the theme song from The Sting.
This is the second day of Spring.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day..

Attended the Village of Surfside St. Patrick Day Parade yesterday. As is usual for the village, nothing went as planned. Scheduled to start at 1:oo pm at the city hall. Last minute change to begin in the opposite direction at Stahlman Park. Parade commenced at about 1:45 ~ actual viewing time {allowing for the gaps and gaffs} 30 minutes. Good thing all the bars in the town had each created a float or it would be substantially shorter.

Weather has been spectacular ~ high's in 80's. Supposed to rain next week which is normal for spring break.

Creative outlet of date is postcards. Have been experimenting printing on inkjet transparencies. Main challenge is layering and using the correct glue / adhesive. This is an example:

The question: How would you describe your workplace ?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another case of too much of a good thing. I managed to cull the photographs from this weekend and still yielded in excess of 250 that I just cannot bring myself to delete. They will remain on my computer and be called on during future overcast dingy days to support a feeling of peace.
I did at least separate them into formal photos from the Dallas Arboretum and just out there in the country photos. In doing so, decided the Arboretum photos lent themselves to a movie using music by Kenny G.

Monday, March 3, 2008

It was not my intention for I had set plans and a tight schedule, but I found myself looking for Spring this weekend. Friday evening was the "Pasta Palooza" {don't you love the name ~ let your mind wander and see a tornado of pasta twirling upward} at Unity Church with a single seating a 7 pm and Saturday the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park. I knew that schedule. I do pride myself with being on time. BUT...cramming five days of work into a four day schedule played havoc with me on Thursday. I could not bring myself to pack, plan, pay bills, drop Dude at the kennel. So the original departure time of 8 a.m. became 11 a.m. And then, once I reached the 70mph speed (in other words ~ I had put a great enough distance between myself and the pollution of Houston where they believe they will control air quality by reducing the speed of vehicles), I watched as time slowly rolled back two weeks. In Brazoria County, the trees have an aura of green. The auburn / rust colored buds are breaking out into full blown leaves. As I traveled north, the aura became a faint haze. I knew I would take some time on Saturday morning to visit my former home in Garland. I just did not realize how that would lead to ... and lead to ...

I visited fields and cemeteries that had the beginnings of Spring. And I then visited the structured gardens of the Dallas Arboretum. What an amazing place !! Spring is definitely seen in the tulip trees, daffodils, and tulips. Next weekend will be the annual event "Dallas Blooms". The first weekend may not meet expectations ~ especially as the weather predicted for this evening includes a chance of snow. I did finally arrive at Fair Park at 1ish. The music, crowds, oddities were in full swing. Friends and I toured the stages, listening here & there at 30 minute intervals. Enjoying Blue Moon beer. I departed by 5ish knowing I had to face a 5 hour drive on Sunday. OOOPS. Did I say 5 hour ??? It turned into a 9-1/2 hour drive ~ "HiHo" {my car - as in Hi Ho Silver} and I toured many abandoned building, cemeteries, found the "FORBIDDEN ZONE" {and have a photo to prove it} and Paradise (again, photo to prove it ~ and discovered you need a pass card to enter ~ but isn't that what Christians have been trying to tell the masses ?}.

I know I live "in the country". Forty five minutes from civilization (and I use that term loosely when referring to Houston) yet it is not country enough. Country is riding along the back roads and having the drivers in their pick ups giving the one finger salute - - no, not the middle finger. The simple raising of the first finger saying hello. Even one gentleman riding his mower gave me the finger.
I've added photos...going to attempt to add link here.
First the the movie: