Monday, September 2, 2013

So this is what retirement is all about....

a tad unnerving, definitely fun {so far}...and things just falling into place - well, sorta.  Some things are falling and just bouncing out of the way.  Luckily nothing damaged in the fall.

Felt compelled to add notes along the way- even quasi composed numerous posts yet never slowed down long enough to do what I am doing now.  And what better time then when #1 Grandson naps as his parent do their chores.  

Amazing...unemployed 4 weeks and technically homeless for 3 weeks.  Time has sped by much quicker than I anticipated.  While traveling, I gradually changed what had been the routine of waking at 4:30...getting things prepped for the day and taking action in one form or another by 7 a.m.  This has migrated into a slower easing into the day....quiet times some mornings, others start with a roar [literally coming from Oliver].  And as I mention him....He is a hoot !!!  My son could never deny this child.  Looks and acts just like he did - complete with wavy blond hair.

Back to the journey to my new home.  I did check the miles between my former home and first major stop - Indianapolis.  It was supposed to be a mere 1400 miles.  Two thousand four hundred and forty five miles, eleven days and approximately 2300 photos later I arrived.   I've been a guest here for nearly two weeks and will leave next Wednesday for the second phase of the journey.

And speaking of photos....I found so many backroads {obviously} and deserted / abandoned locations that begged to be remembered and shown.  So many buildings that are truly on brink of nonexistence.  Houses that make your mind spin wondering why the family settled where they did and sadly why they were forced to or chose to move on ....

I set the albums up as "Just" - just abandoned, just blue, just theaters, etc.  If you follow this link: this link  you will arrived at Just Ghost Signs and then travel to others by clicking on albums at the top.

In closing....I explored two amazing towns:  Paducah Kentucky and Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Neither were planned stops but both proved to be the absolute highlights of the drive.