Friday, September 5, 2014


...and just the right materials.  Acquired this wood shadow box shaped like a house last fall.  When looking for something else, it resurfaced or rather moved to the top of the stack.  Over time it drew in many found objects, materials, and seemed to assemble itself.  Went from the thought of a Halloween theme to becoming a haunted house.  Complete with skeleton in the attic {no closet available...although that was given some thought}.  

Some notes on the "ingredients" -  

The winged figure and the small castle are game pieces.  The heart is a small vial embellished with metallic cross stitch threads and charms.  The bottles are filled with colored glass and topped with crystals.  Behind the castle is a transfer from a tour book made using matte decoupage fluid.  I did attach the shingles and then heat emboss to add texture and color.  And, included in the a martini....

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun and Games and Etsy...

... oh my !!!  {ok, not the usual "lions and tigers and bears" but it will have to do}

August wrapped up with a trip to the Doodad Farm for the Whodat Festival.  I have used the phrase "what a hoot"...nothing justified it more than this occasion.  Grand people, wonderful music and unique photo opportunities.  

And... a gentle reminder to friends & potential customers.... My Etsy page is up and running.  If you need a charming or snarky or funny friendship or birthday card...then check out the listings.  There are also a few altered art creations along with mini canvas items.  Kindly take the time to visit, shop or just comment on the items - - constructive criticism is always welcome.   DejavuDesignsUSA Etsy Shop 

Morning shoot at Arboretum
Perfect Camouflage - can
see the bird ??
Just a bit creepy at Doodad Farm

To wrap up the month of wanderings, baseball game   [YEAH...Grasshoppers in playoffs !!], morning photo shoots, trip to Charlotte, art gallery, roller derby (yes I did...LOL) beach are a few photos as highlights: 

Gears at old grist mill

If there are any photos you have seen here that you would like a copy of...just send an email or comment and I will add to Etsy for you.