Wednesday, September 2, 2015

With September comes the desire to create Halloween goodies....

... yes, very early but always enjoy seeing the seasonal things come together.  This one is due to a cleaning binge - I knew the cabinet was somewhere...and it surfaced during a major overhaul of the storage closet / bins.  I dislike using bins and it had become a bad habit.  So all emptied and items organized in marked boxes on a shelf.  Easy access.  

This little cabinet measures just 4" tall.  It has a skeleton hand holding candleabra, clock, ouija board, books and a bottle of paradise.  The legs are enhanced with salvaged jewelry and the gold on top is heat embossed gold paint.  Had such fun creating had to step away before it was overdone.

I have removed my listings from The ORIGINAL Made by Hands in the Triad FB page - - but all items are still available for sale {even this little cabinet}.  Just contact me directly via my blog.