Thursday, May 24, 2018

Two weeks later...

... stuff arrived and put in its new home.  And it is comfortable.  Approximately same square footage as last apartment but arrangement more open and it seems the furniture I kept found its rightful place.  Those 9' ceilings add to the feeling of wide open space.
One unique feature in this complex is that each apartment has a little door outside their entrance.  It leads into the coat closet and I am guessing it was for milk delivery.  The door is permanently shut (but inside is accessible to small area that I hide grandson's surprise toys in) so it is now the fairy door entrance to #229-1/2.  Still needs a bit of enhancing, but finished for now.

Monday, May 7, 2018

This is what happens...

... when my mind starts wandering as I wait for my "stuff" to arrive. 
Designing signs/pictures to decorate the bathroom.  This photo was taken during one of my first visits to Indiana.  Seemed fitting to tweek it for bathroom decor.

Friday, May 4, 2018

As my gps says...

... you have arrived.  Yes, arrived in Indianapolis.  Moved into an apartment complex that was built in 1939.  Plenty of room for living & creating.  That is once my "stuff" arrives.  The beast and I are set up with the basics - bed, folding chairs and table.  Look forward to the 10th of May when the pod arrives.  Then the challenge of arranging said "stuff".
Seriously suffering art withdrawal so sketching out placement of work stations and seeing where I can make this place my own.  This apartment has a small door in the hallway that leads to an opening in the closet.  I speculate that this was for milk delivery back in the day.  It is permanently closed from the outside but think the door will be perfect to decorate as gnome door entry.
Now off to make the move official and get an Indiana driver's license.