Sunday, May 18, 2008

Returning to my version of normal

The atmosphere around my homestead is beginning to return to what I consider normal. I had the wonderful adventure of visiting with Chris the first weekend of May. Of course, it is most important to me to see Chris, but it was an opportunity to revisit Spring. The azaleas were in full bloom, trees beginning to show their varied coloreds. Absolutely perfect. We attended the Kinetic Art Sculpture race in Baltimore hosted by the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). It was quite a display that included a flying pig, 99% chimp, fire truck and so much more. From the website:

Pilots (Kinetinauts) compete for the most coveted MEDIOCRE AWARD (finishes right in the middle) and the highly prized NEXT-TO-THE-LAST AWARD (finishes, well, next to last) and serious prizes including ART and ENGINEERING.

The teams were also encouraged to bribe the judges. What an absolute hoot.

Another project is now underway. Decided to move. All of 7 miles {door to door} from my current home. I know the exact distance because it is the house owned by the company I work for. Yes, it will put me at my employer’s beck and call just by proximity, but it has advantages as well. Definitely cut down on fuel costs. And the preparation of the move is forcing me to let go of many things emotionally and physically. Going to be a most interesting venture in a multitude of ways.
oh...and uncovering goodies I've picked up along the way and now re-purposing them.