Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am looking out over the edge...

And it is making me a tad queasy.  I've left the world of the working class {although I am sure that will not be a permanent condition} and worked on the preparation for relocation. Waves of uncertainty are breaking at my feet.  

But...deed is done ~ buckle up ~ it is going to be a fun / challenging / exciting ride !!

Still finding "must see once or for last time" items.  Visited Art Car Museum but did not make the Port of Houston boat tour.  Who knew the latter was so popular that it is booked solid through the month of August.  Taking its place on the list was the National Museum of Funeral History.  I knew it would be interesting but had no idea how fascinating it would be.  Beautiful displays, wonderful vintage vehicles.  And it also has extensive, informative area dedicated to the history of Popes.

The ongoing "Goodbye Tour" is shown here:  August 2013