Friday, November 9, 2018

What do you do with...

a coaster holder without coasters, old wooden spool, one wooden napkin ring and a piece of colorful contact paper ?  I have the answer.  A small plant stand.  It does balance and holds a few small pots of succulents. 

And no...of course I couldn't stop there.  Had these small boxes that had hoped to fit in a wire hanging basket.  Well they didn't.  So POOF...two more small plant stands. 
Don't stop be-leafing....

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

There was a design plan...

...but did not expect this as outcome.  Received some cigar boxes from my daughter-in-law and they have been sitting in the background of my studio staring at me.  Worked on one in which I attempted to cut an outline on cover without the benefit of a jigsaw. Well, that didn't work...
So painted another.  Added sample wallpaper.  Enhanced with watercolor for muted blue and green touches.  Used stencil and modeling paste to create trees that were colored with distressed inks.  Added leaves cut from transparencies colored with alcohol ink.  Interior shelf created using cigar box border wood.  Voila.  Journal storage box... Just need to add pen in the bottom area and it will be available for purchase. $35.00 plus shipping.
 (that is a journal book on the shelf)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Not about art...just my life.

Today National Auto Spa literally saved my life.  
First a little back story about me and the autos I  choose.  My first vehicle of note was a corvair monza convertible.  Great little vehicle that I invested in when I was 20.     Typical for me – did not totally check it out before purchase.  You know, normal things…like put the top up to be sure in good shape.   You guessed it.  Held together with duct tape.  I was working full time, had part time  job and attending college.  Couldn’t afford repairs so my solution as the tape gave way & the hole grew was to stick an umbrella out the opening.  Yes, I did that.  Living in Dallas at the time so not often did you see me out there with the floral umbrella.  Seemed I followed that with various cars that seemed to be doomed – Pacer station wagon, VW Bus (30 day warranty, lasted 32 days), Mercury Mystique, Ford Escort. 
Latest chariot is a Pontiac Vibe (again, doomed – no longer produced despite it being a fantastic vehicle).  And the latest challenge with the Silver Streak is a leaky sunroof.  Really started a year ago but with the deluge we have had here in Indianapolis it has gotten worse.  To the point of using trash bags on driver seat (I call them car seat condoms) to avoid sitting on towels.  I contacted a few companies in area regarding a repair (what I thought was blocked drain hole – didn’t even know they had them until researching).  One company said “bring it by”…and now the rest of the story.  Had appointment for 10am and at 10:05 they informed me there was a recall on the sunroof due to deterioration of the seal.  By 10:30 I drove out with a new glass and seal installed at NO CHARGE.   The no charge was fantastic (would have been $485 to replace - an amount that doubles its resale value) but the saved my life was when they showed me the old glass / seal  and pointed out it could have blown out of the car at any time.
Only thing left to do is check under driver’s seat and see if I need to harvest any mushrooms.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Today is full of possibilities..

...and other stuff.  A little box that is recipient of citra solv papers, wall paper samples, metal enhancements colored with alcohol ink and a strange little top knot created from game pieces and buttons.  Oh, and feet are antique ceramic draw knobs.  And color...lots of color (thank you Carla Duncan for inspiring me yet again).
If you are wondering "is this available for purchase?" .  The answer is yes - just email me and we can discuss shipment.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Create your own Sunshine..

...using citra solv papers, alcohol ink on transparencies, sun face salvaged from a wind chime and wooden button plugs.  Cut the trees from citra solv and enhanced all ground and trees with fine point ink pen.  Background has stenciled designs to enhance sun and add texture.
Still need to add finish to all papers - but need to have a dry warm day for that. 
Debating on adding the phrase "create your own sunshine" on the surface .... what do you think ?  add it or not ?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

This is what becomes of ...

a piece of cork that refuses to stick to the wall.  Combine it with woven pages of an old dictionary, chopsticks covered with pages and scrabble tile. Mounted on MDF board.  Read Between The Lines   Available for purchase - contact me via email if interested.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Another product review....

and it is all good.  Stripped the last fiasco of materials from the shelf - and changed colors in the process.  Then applied DecoArt Media Crackle Glaze.  Put on a thick layer and then allowed it to dry. About 3 hours later (layer was thick for larger cracks) applied overcoat to enhance the cracks.

And then proceeded to add enhancements -  

Did enhance top...but not quite ready yet for sharing.