Monday, November 18, 2013

Just this weekend I have learned....

.... I do like martinis as long as they are made with Godiva chocolate, beer samplings can be interesting, and there is a way to cook flank steak that has nothing to do with fajitas.

Had the opportunity to introduce a friend to the unique shops in downtown Greensboro. Seeing what caught his eye as opposed to mine was fascinating.  This was my second trip to downtown but  assuredly not the last.  The buildings are truly amazing.  Wandering back street allowed us to visit with a gentleman that is reviving a building that is over 130 years old - he took the time to give a brief history that included blacksmith shop.  It will, within the next year, be home to a micro-brewery.

Also learned this weekend ~ one of those truly "duh moments" ~ what I have missed over the years that I lived in Texas.  Community.  While visiting pubs and shops, listening to people visit at yoga classes - there is a feeling of comfort and community.  No, I am not going back to thoughts of "what used to be" but what I never found in Texas and sadly did not realize it was missing.  I do know it could be I was just not in the right place or it could be it was me.  I did have a good life in Texas - husband, son, friends, I am in the right place at the right time.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013

Today marks 52 years since Malena Marie Duffy passed.  The loss is felt but not the feeling of loss due to death.  It is the loss of not having had an opportunity to know this woman.  During my visits this summer, I heard tales and stories about her and my youth.  I was fascinated to learn more about Mom…but felt I was hearing about someone I just met in passing.  Well, actually, that was the case.  Add to that of stories relayed based on other’s knowing her, showed a woman I would have liked to have known yet not sure we would have had much in common.  My life’s path was defined by her passing.  It removed the roots and gave me a lack of restrictions.  I received custodial care without direction, which allowed me to become this person destined to be right here and right now.

……….that just sums it up….for now. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

There is frost on my car !!!

…and reading posts on Facebook discussing weather in Texas  ~ so far, I’m adjusting to this quite well.  Ok, dressing in multiple layers and put the flip flops away for the time being.

I said I was working on the “new chapter” that included parole from work [three months !] and claiming a new home.  Within that chapter, I anticipated meeting new characters,  which I have done.  But now I see I am a new character – “noun 1.the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”.
The base description has not changed but I am discovering more of what was always there.  Shedding the have-to and should-do imposed by what I perceived as required for the should-do that makes a difference to me.

There have certainly been an array of people – even a person that used to live in Angleton !  I’ve interacted with them as well as wandering solo.  At all levels, I am comfortable which I could not always say in the past.

Completed padding my cell with the purchase of a couch.  No earth shaking news per se, but I was obsessing about it.  Granted, it is could be referred to as a “no tell hotel” piece of furniture, but it clean and the color blends with the rest of my finds.  Now I just need a mantle – yes, you read that correctly.  I have a fireplace that looks like a hole in the wall and NO mantle.   Back on the sofa which was found on Craigslist…I met an amazing couple that are affiliated with an organization that serves the community.  More to come from that meeting I am sure.

Now…off to Yoga.