Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playing with puzzles

I purchased a puzzle of the U.S. with the intent of using it with mail art. Once I assembled the puzzle which covered the dining table, realized again that I need to pay attention to details ~ like the size that was published on the box. From that brain-cramp evolved just playing with the puzzle pieces and enhancing them. It started as making mail art based on thoughts “what is a puzzle”. North Wind, Dream, Love, Home, Garden, Time. Granted, some puzzles are easier to grasp ~ home, garden ~ but it is still remarkable to watch how they progress to that one moment of today - not the puzzle, but the subject matter. Mail art is not an option ~ended up with too much bulk.While playing with the puzzles, I received “junk mail” that was not entirely junk. International Masters Publishers mailed out samples that included Mona Lisa, The Water-Lily Pond, The Grand Canal, The Plains of Heaven. The pictures are on a textured board and measure 13-1/2 x 9-1/4. Since the puzzles grew to a point of not being mail art, I thought these pictures would be a good background. With two exceptions, these will not be going postal.