Monday, March 31, 2014

Ready to go...

... but first a quick message before I do that.

This design is a merge of two citra solv papers - with a most appropriate wording added that describes my frame of mind.  Time to get "silver streak", my wonderful chariot of choice, ready to seriously {or not too} wander.

I have been busy experimenting with materials to transfer images.  Used modge podge [disaster - too thin], liquitex matte gel [good transfer], and omnigel (easy to use, glossy finish).  The matte gel is a photo printed on citra solv papers.  It is transferred to a mdf board that has Golden brand crackle paste background.  Just need to add the polycrylic coating.  Have discovered  more patience as my days of parole/retirement increase.  With all the steps necessary, patience was a key ingredient in the creation process.  

Today marks eight months since my last day of employment and [nearly] six months at my current home.   AND spring weather is here so it is time to wrap up in in-process projects and start looking for those distant and unchartered places.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March is nearly over...

...and I certainly hope that means the winter weather will end as well.  Predictions of snow for yesterday proved to be a dud ~ ~ but cold and rain.  Utilized the day to transform latest acquisition of 40 National Geographic magazines.  Attempted to use citra solv on complete book and that proved not to have results I like.  So spent a few hours separating the books and extracting pages that caught my eye - both for the photo and the color. The norm is to stack numerous pages and patiently wait for the magic to happen.  I am not patient.  I lined up pages I thought would either melt, transfer, or evolve into wonderful results.  Eight hours later, have over 100 completed pages - dried and scanned.  Now comes the play time of enhancing... or collage or.....
I'm posting two fascinating results.  This first transferred the image to a second page at the same time as being altered.
The transfer has a haunted feeling as it overlooks the oil rig and old vehicles. 

And then there is the just plain weird - this transfer of a man onto a photo of Easter Island. Tempted to put Easter basket in his hand...and use for postcard for Easter....and maybe some ears on the statues.  Now that would be weird.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Playing in the country...

Back in Uwharrie National Forest there were a few places to play.

you are
tired out...

a place to take a seat and rest. 

Covered a lot of miles and surprisingly [or comparatively] few photos.  Normally one day can reach 200, but yesterday was more look / see kind of day.  Do plan on returning - - to find a gold mine perhaps.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Once again I wandered off...

... to creating and touring.  The snow came again and this time included ice that caused havoc on the trees in the area.  Power outages led to schools being closed from Thursday through Monday.  AND THEN it warmed up - - 70's for last two days.
Part of creating included taking some items to be framed.  Two completed, two will be picked up next week.  
These creations are a combination of citra solv papers, packing tape transfer [butterfly], wallpaper background, and matte gell transfer [man that was also a citra solv paper creation].  Photos do not show enough detail but the best I can do right now.

And of course, even though they are intended for an art show...they are available for sale now...

With the improved weather, I am making ventures to country for photo journeys...will post soon.