Thursday, June 8, 2017

Moving from one art form...

Foggy morning at Bog Gardens
Monarch Butterfly Wing
Frog hiding in cala lily leaf
... to another.  Chose a few favorite photos I've taken over the years and had them printed on metal. They measure 7" x 10" printed on aluminum high gloss heat bonded so they will never crack, fade, or in any way lose their lustrous opulence.These are single prints, unmounted and not framed. Yes, they are for sale at $35 each. Framing in float frames can be
Single Water Lily
arranged.  Delivery in the Greensboro area or shipment can be set up at additional cost. If interested, you can contact me here or visit my shop on facebook.
Deja vu DesignsUSA Shop

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Repurpose of this item...

...was a long time in the works.  This is a wooden textile shuttle repurposed into a windchime - complete with various shades of turquoise glass beads, crystals {salvaged from a chandelier} and vintage keys.  The vintage keys and eye screws have been colored with alcohol ink.  And I could not have done it all alone - special thanks to David Bray at Shamrock Shredding for being the brains behind attaching the hanging hardware and Theresa Abel for wiring the beads and keys.
This ornament is available for sale $55.00 - delivery available in the Greensboro area or shipment can be arranged.