Thursday, November 29, 2012

Citra solv project re-purposed

Had the opportunity to play with citra solv papers for a contest held in October at Citra Solv ....  Their site is here

Great product for its intended cleaning purpose...but so much more for artists.  The solvent "melts" the ink on older National Geographic magazines.  The contest entries were take the time to visit their site and see the beautiful creations that were submitted. I had the actual collage...on a 12x12 sheet of background paper ... and decided it was time to repurpose it .  I cut the item into 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 units and then put a multitude of findings to use to transform them into Artist Trading Cards.
I posted photos of the before and after  here

Monday, November 19, 2012

Luckily I do own a laptop…

…or I would have gone through serious withdrawal.  The house I live in has some serious electrical “challenges”.  Periodically one section of the house would suffer a surge and occasionally outage.  And it is the section that serves my home office / craft room [or crap room as a friend refers to it].  So I was not terribly concerned when the power went out ~ until I realized after 3 outages, that the battery back up was not doing its job.  Have had it in place for four years and thought it had a longer life span, but obviously not.  Invested in a replacement.  Not such a high end version and it is a model being discontinued by Office Depot.  Bottom line, it cost $10.00.  Yes, the reserve is shorter, but the price was right.  Now the additional “huh ?” to the purchase was I also bought a double pack of two sided tape.  It cost $9.00.  So I will look at it as a $19.00 backup system and the tape was free.  That makes more sense to me.

Ventured to the movies last Friday afternoon to see Lincoln.  Amazing show and well worth the time and funds.  Few movies draw me in to believing the characters.  There is always this little voice going “good actor”.  Not this time…It was as if Lincoln were there espousing on the need to change this country by eliminating slavery.

The movie venture was also another thump on the side of the head….along with a bump in the knee.  Yes, I know my age.  Yes, I accept it.  Yes, for the most part, I don’t consider it when I’m out in the real world.  Well matinee showings [3:30 in the afternoon] dashed that little illusion.  As I tripped over a walker while searching for a seat, I realized that I have truly joined the seniors.  Damn, I’m one of those that the light from the projector glistened off my white hair as it did my seatmates.  And yes when the movie ended, I had to arise from my seat in stages as did my neighbors.  I do play the “senior card” [or coupon] for discounts but always looked around at folks that are quite apparently my age and thought “I hope I’m in better shape when I get that old”.  Well I am that old and feel much better than my theater neighbors appeared to be.

And so it goes………

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And the story continues

Good morning…I’m back, returning from both physical and mental wanderings.  Ventured to Wallis, Tx. not once but twice.  The second adventure was to visit the city-wide garage sale and surprisingly did not purchase a single item.  Nada, none, zip.  But I did take photos of course.  This morning I spent some time doing the “before & after” … just playing…but surprised myself with the finished product.
Link is here: Before and After

And other wanderings included a trip to the country.  I know I am already in the country … this was an area just north of my home – Manvel, Texas.  And yes, I had a map and yes, I still got lost…although tempted to go phooey and return home, I am so glad I did not.  A wonderful opportunity to meet with six other women, visit, tour a chicken farm…and return home re-inspired to create.  Finished approximately 20 ATCs 
[link here:  ATCs ]

Still working on sorting items for THE SALE next spring.  Have an exorbitant amount of items that will [hopefully] find a new home and being drawn to use materials now or let them go.
I’m sure the looking forward into the unknown combine with age, it feels as if I’m trying to look at things one more, one last time.